10 of Your first GoPro accessories.

Brought your first GoPro and want to know what accessories to start out with?

I have been using GoPro cameras for over 7 years and have tried many different mounts and accessories for a large number of things. 
Family adventures, holidays, kayaking, paddle boarding, cycling, skateboarding, time-lapses, general photography and filming

Over the years there are some mounts that I have used over and over again and I will always keep them in my camera bag when I take the GoPro out.

1) Extra memory cards.
You can get through a lot of photos and video footage on a GoPro, especially if your doing time-lapse photography. You don't want to run out of memory or have no back up if you cards has an error.


Available on eBay and Amazon 

2) Spare batteries and charger.

Your GoPro will normally come with one battery and it will be charged in the camera when plugged in, but GoPro batteries don't last long. 
Genuine GoPro batteries and chargers can cost a lot, however they are good quality.

But there are some really good other options available on the market today.
I currently use a Homesuit charger and extra batteries for my Hero 8 which works really well.


Available on Amazon and eBay

If you don't need the waterproof protection or are doing some really long time-lapse and concerned about the batterie life you can always run the camera off a power bank.

You can buy a cage for most GoPro cameras which allow you to mount the camera and open the USB port on the side so you can connect your camera to a power bank. For some of the newer models you can buy a USB cover replacement with a cut out for the connection (these won't be waterproof).

3) A whole load of mounts, joint and extensions

You may get one or two different mounts with your GoPro, but your gonna need/want more.
Loads of these are available on the market and you don't need to spend a load of money. 

1) 3-Way Adjustable Extension Pivot Arm Adapter Set
A nice little set for some basic adjustments

Available on Amazon and eBay

2) 3 in 1 Extension Pivot Arm
Have some extra length for better angles from your mounting point

Available on Amazon and eBay

3) Adhesive Mounts
 Tape Mounts to Your Helmet/Bike/Board/Car or anything you want
Available on Amazon  and eBay 

4) Tripod mount adaptor
Allows you to mount your GoPro to a wide range of applications 
including a tripod, mono pod, selfie stick, suction clamps etc
Available on Amazon and eBay

4) GoPro Shorty Mini Extension Pole with Tripod

The GoPro shorty mini extension pole with tripod is a great multi tool.
It is a selfie stick and mini tripod in one, its small enough (4.6in, 11.7cm, extends up to 8.9in 22.7cm) for it not to get in the way and a great grab and go product.
For most people, this will be all you really need.
Available on Amazon and eBay

5) GoPro Flotie

If you spend time in the water, GoPro's don't float.
You will want a Flotie, even if your attaching your GoPro to yourself using a lanyard, a flotie is still recommended.
Floties come in different shapes and sizes.

1) Backdoor floater
If you dont have a LCD screen on the back, or don't care for the use of it you can use a back door floater.
The stick on the waterproof housing, either via tape or velcro. they do work well, however the sticky back is permanent, if you don't want it on all the time, a spare backdoor may be needed.

Available on Amazon

2) Floaty Case
If you use the Hero 5/6/7/8/9 Cameras, which are waterproof, you can get a floaty case.
This surrounds the outside of the camera and allow access to the LCD screen and operation to all the side buttons.
Available on Amazon

3) Floating handle
The other options allow you to mount your camera onto different mounts/clamps etc, however if you don't need to mount your camera onto anything, this is the perfect option.
Take it with you for the photos, most will come with lanyards or carabiners, some will even have a removable bottom to store some cash or key safely.

Available on Amazon

6) Head Strap or Mouth mount.

If you want to give a POV (point of view) of what you are doing a head/mouth month is the perfect choice.
Having a camera mounted gives to best view possible for most things, it recored what you see from your view. There are 3 popular options to choose from.

1) Elastic head strap
Strap your camera straight to your forehead with this elastic head strap and forget about it.
These work really well, and stick to your head nice and tight.
Only downside I find them awkward to get them on and off if you want to check footage as you go.

Available on Amazon and eBay

2) Mouth mount
I use this more than any other.
A very simple mount you hold in your mouth, like a snorkel tube.
I use this with a lanyard and it gives brilliant POV shots, quick and easy to check and view footage.

Available on Amazon and eBay

7) GoPro Jaws flex clamp

This is an insanely strong clamp and can attach to objects ranging in size from 0.25 to 2in (0.6 to 5cm) in diameter. You can attach the camera directly to the clamp for low-profile mounting, or use the optional neck to achieve a wider range of camera-angle adjustability.

I use this on my skateboard, car and also attach it to the paddles on my kayak and paddle board, it grips really really well.

Cheaper options are available, but don't know how well they grip compared to this

Available on Amazon and eBay

Another clamp worth considering is the Manfrotto Super Clamp, this is a super strong clamp, it may be designed for things a lot heavier than a GoPro, but it will handle most things thrown at it. You can attach the camera straight to it using the mounting stud, or a tripod head for more versatility.

Available on Amazon and eBay

8) Turnspro

If your interested in time-lapse photography the TurnsPro is perfect for them panning shots. 
TurnsPro is a motorised rotating camera mount, you can adjust the turns speed from 20 second to 10 hours per single 360° rotation, have it rotating clockwise or anticlockwise or pan back and forwards.
Will attach directly to the top of a standard tripod, or just sit on the ground.

Available on Amazon and eBay

9) Dome

If you want them awesome above and below water shots, a dome is the way to go.
This is the TELESIN Underwater Dome Port. There are many models available, this one has a trigger system for the shutter, but the trigger does cover most of the LCD screen, you can remover the trigger and have the handle on the bottom for better viewing of the LCD.
The handle can also be used separately as a floaty handle for your GoPro.
The dome port also does give a much wider effect to your images.

Available on Amazon and eBay

10) Neewer 50-In-1 Action Camera Accessory Kit

If you want the most for your money, the Neewer 50-In-1 Action Camera Accessory Kit is spot on.

12 of the items are Anti-fog Inserts which are useful, but the rest of the kit includes
1 x Suction cup;Floating Handle Grip;Strap, 1 x 360-degree Rotation Clip, 1 x Insurance Tether Straps, 1 x Wrist Strap;Handheld Monopod, 1 x Bicycle Handlebar, 1 x Chest Strap, 1 x Headstrap Mount;Wrench, 1 x Wrist Mount with Screw, 1 x Tripod Mount Adapter;1 x Carrying Case, 1 x Helmet Extension Arm, 1 x Helmet Strap Mount;Mini Tripod, 2 x Switch Support, 2 x Surface J-Hook Buckle, 3 x Basic Mount, 3 x Flat Mounts, 2 x Curved Mounts, 4 x Screws and 5 x Adhesive Pads

Available on Amazon and eBay

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