Paddle boarding up Barcombe Mills.

Had a day away from the children, so headed over to check out Barcombe Mills river.
Barcombe Mills is in East Sussex UK, Lewis District.
We have always toyed with he idea of taking the children along but felt it would be best to test it ourselves first.

Getting there 
We launched from a spot just of the A26 from lewis, and headed up Barcombe Mills Road, left just past The Cock pub.
Head about 1 mile up the road until you see a car park on the right hand side. If you see a turning with a STOP sign to the Environment Agency, you gone to far.

When in the car park, you head up a track, just before the bridge, turn right through a gate and follow the path until you find some launching spots.

As you start heading down the river you will come across a fork, people on SUPs are advised to duck under the bridge and go that way, the other way does eventually meet up again but is apparently very shallow in places, Kayakers should be fine either way.

The river is full of wildlife, we saw a couple of Kingfishers, Swans, Geese and a load animals along the way, the odd cow and sheep too.

The river has a large amount of trees and foliage running along it, there were a few location we had to duck to get past, and only on a few occasions could you see over the river banks.

After around 1 mile the river comes to this, a sluice gate.

On the left hand side there is a well used area you can get out the river, this heads up to The Anchor Inn Pub, where you can get some food and drinks.

After this we turned around and headed back down the river the same way.

This is a very slow moving river, very easy to paddle and would certainly feel safe bring the children along. Many people use it, we saw other SUPers, swimmers and young families turning up with inflatable dinghies.


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  2. The waters above Barcombe Mills are pretty stagnent due to the weirs, Becareful you DON’T get water in your mouth or eyes, wash your hands if you get river water on them, there is a chance you may get Weil’s disease.

  3. Thank you! Just starting out paddle boarding. After our lesson, we're keen to explore a bit but not knowing where to go - where to park, where to launch etc made us a little nervous. This article, and your thoughtful step-by-step with pictures means we're now much happier and looking forward to heading up to Barcombe Mills for our first trip out.

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