The Seven sisters view and coast guard cottages - location guide

The Seven sisters view and coast guard cottages

The Seven Sisters is a series of chalk cliffs by the English Channel, between Seaford and Eastbourne.
There are seven hills (known as The Seven Sisters), with an eighth one being created by the erosion of the sea. The names of the cliffs from west to east are: Haven Brow, Short Brow, Rough Brow, Brass Point, Flagstaff Brow, Bailey's Hill and Went Hill
From this point you can see The Belle Tout Lighthouse sitting on the edge on the horizon, the low point in the cliffs just below the lighthouse is Birling Gap, just behind the cottages is the mouth to the River Cuckmere.

Also accessible from this location is Hope Gap, Just to the right of the Cottages follow the cliff edge around until you reach some steps going down.

How To Get Here

This spot is accessible from 3 main locations.

1: South Hill Barn
This is the closest location to walk (0.75 miles)
When at the car park , walk through the gate closets to the barn and follow the path down to this spot.
The car park at South Hill Barn Car Park and is FREE to use, open 24 hours.

2: The Cuckmere Inn along the A259
The Cuckmere Inn sits next to the River Cuckmere along the A259, if you park in the car park there is a gate at the far end which you can follow the river down to the beach (1 mile)

3: Seaford Seafront
If you fancy a walk (almost 2 miles) you can park at the far point of Seaford seafront near Splash Point and walk along Seaford head cliffs to this location

Best Times To Visit
Winter sunrises.
Around Mid November to Late January the sun will start rising to the right of the cliffs giving some beautiful light along the cliff face.
However this spot is stunning any time of the year and worth a visit.


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