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DIY - Super simple pinhole camera (also use for solargraphy)

Here is a super simple DIY guide for a pinhole camera, if you want a chemical free, no worries about exposure times, you can also use it for solargraphy photos.
Loads of easy to follow pictures and a video.

Step 1
Get a drinks can, any drinks can will do. Remove the top with a tin opener, a good one.

Step 2
Pierce a pinhole. I will put something on the inside of the can, like a spoon to avoid going all the way through. I like to just use the pin tip, a small pinhole will produce a sharper image, but smaller hole means less light will enter the can, so a slightly longer exposure will be needed.

Step 3
Get a 2nd can and cut the lower half off, this will be used to seal the top.

Step 4
Get some light sensitive photographic paper. Im currently using Ilford Multigrade IV RC Deluxe Pearl Paper Avoid Glossy paper, the light will reflect around inside the can.
IMPORTANT The paper is light sensitive, DO NOT OPEN unless you are in total darkness or using a red light in light tight room. If you are u…

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