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4x5 pinhole action camera - Test #1 Longboarding

Testing out my Zero Image 4x5 pinhole camera as an action camera. A few months ago I did a post comparing some images from the Zero45 to a GoPro , naturally these cameras are completely different, but the Field of View is similar (Zero45 - 148.35°, GoPro -  149.2ยบ). I decided to head out on my longboard with a few different clamps and mounts to try and get a few more shots with my longboard skateboard using the Zero Image 4x5 loaded with Fomapan 100 film First shot I attached my Zero 45 to the back of my Longboard using a Manfrotto super clamp with a ball head, I did however end up accidentally kicking the camera when pushing away, which caused the light leak down the side.    3 second exposure Second shot Same as above, but I attached it on the other side so it didn't get in the way 3 second exposure Selfie stick time Testing out pinhole camera selfie shots 2 second exposure 7 second exposure Testing out my head mount ideas.....needs some improvement  4 second exposure Attached to

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