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The Best 5 GoPro camera mounts for paddle boarding

Heading out on a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) is a wonderful experience and would highly recommend it to anyone, a great way to keep fit and destress, and its always a good opportunity to capture some photos, whether it's vain selfies or just to capture some pictures of the moment.

Vain Selfie - Flex Clamp Mount
Stunning Sunsets - hand held
Stunning locations - Mouth mount

GoPro cameras are hugely popular these days with many companies making actions cameras that will work on the GoPro mounting system, and there are a LOT of options available for mounting your action camera.

TIP: to capture multiple photos without having to keep pressing the shutter button or setting a timer set you camera to Time-lapse, set the intervals to as short a possible (eg 0.5 sec between each shot) this will give you a load of pictures to choose from when your finished.

Here are the 5 best GoPro mounts for SUP

Flex Clamp Mount These clamps are super strong and adjustable (objects ranging in sizes from 0.25&q…

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