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Back out after a yearlong break: A Photographic journey and Closing Reflections

Returning to the world of pinhole photography after a year-long break was both an exciting and challenging endeavor. It was Saturday, the 18th of November, when I finally coaxed myself back into the realm of creativity with my trusty pinhole camera. Destination: Hastings  – a locale teeming with character, home to the largest beach-launched fishing fleet in England. Hastings Old town beach is adorned with new boats launching into the waves daily, old weathered fishing boats that bare the scars of countless journeys, old diggers that nudged vessels into the sea and tall, black net shops standing as stoic guardians of fishing gear. Yet, my return to this captivating world was not without its challenges. As I grappled to find my rhythm, the once-familiar tools of my trade seemed distant and unfamiliar. Reciprocity failure and pinhole conversions danced in my memory, and I fumbled to recall apps I hadn't used in ages. A light meter app, my reliable companion, became a puzzle as my rece

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