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Photography Humor

A woman shot her husband, drowned him, and hung him. Then, they eat dinner.  HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?  Answer: She was taking a photo of her husband. She shot it, developed it, and hung it to dry. 
“Watching a beautiful sunset with my wife, I look to the scene and start thinking 1/250s at f8 at ISO 400.”

Two girls: "A tray of sushi, please."  Waiter: "To eat or to post photos of on Instagram? 

What kind of photos does a turtle take?  Shellfies. 

Why can't you find good photography jokes?  They haven't been developed yet. 

Teach your kids about photography and they will never have enough money to buy drugs. 

The fastest way to make money from photography is to sell your camera. 

Photographers have been known to flash people 

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