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CHEAP DIY cable release adaptor for TLR Yashica, Nikon and Leica

So I have been wanting to get a cable release for my Yashica D Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) Camera for a while, have a few normal screw on type which are used on my over film cameras, but Yashica TLRs and from what I believe early Nikons and Leica use this screw over type.

I had found a few cable releases to fit for around £20 on eBay the Nikon AR-2 being a popular one, I also found a few adaptors for around £10-£15.

However I found a cheaper option, I discovered the thread over the shutter is the same as a standard Schrader valve as found on most cars and bicycles and you can pick up valve dust caps for very cheap.

I found my set for £1.99 on eBay (free delivery) for 4, also loads available on Amazon You can find a set of 2 for Bikes, or a set of 4 for cars.
What to look for:

Metal caps are bestMake sure its the same size threadMake sure the thread comes all the way to the end of the dust capThe top is flat to drill throughWhat you need Electric Drill1.5mm and 3mm drill bitSmall screw or tap…

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