Behind the camera.

Welcome to My Photography Journey

Hello there, I'm Will Gudgeon, and I call the stunning Sussex coastline on the picturesque South Coast of the UK my home. Since 2010, I've been on an incredible journey, dedicating my free time to explore the captivating coastal landscapes, wander across the rolling South Downs, and lose myself in the enchanting local woodlands. All the while, I've been capturing the magic of these moments through the lens of my camera. In recent years, I've embarked on a transformative artistic journey, steering away from the digital and conventional lens-based cameras that initially sparked my love for photography. Today, my primary focus revolves around the enchanting world of pinhole photography. This website is a window into my world of imagery, a place where I invite you to explore the galleries showcasing my work and immerse yourself in the stories I share through my blog. Here, I'll keep you updated with various personal photography adventures and share the latest news from my creative journey. If you feel compelled to support my work, there are a few ways you can do so: Purchase prints from Subscribe to my YouTube channel But me a coffee or roll film to keep me going Thank you for joining me on this photographic odyssey, and I hope you find inspiration and joy in the moments I've captured through my lens. Your support means the world to me, and I look forward to sharing more of my visual stories with you in the days to come.


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