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  1. https://www.joturchetphotography.com19 March 2021 at 03:31

    Hi Will, I shoot both film and Fuji mirrorless - but film is my passion, especially pinhole. When you go out on a shoot are you disciplined and take one particular format - i.e., today is pinhole day or a Mamiya shoot, or do you fill you bag and mix and match? I find it difficult when we have a choice of such beautiful cameras which to take out at the expense of the others! My Yashica LM TTL and my digitial cameras haven't seen the light of day for a while! Keep up the good work. :)

    1. Hi, I use to take everything out with me "just in case", but always found it stressful and a lot of weight. I now will take one format like my Pinhole camera, and maybe add my Fuji mirrorless with one lens only. I find myself more creative when I have less options. Likewise I don't use my digital half as much as I use to pinhole and my RB67 all the way. The digital is great for family trips.
      Just had a lot at your website. lovely work :)


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