The Best 5 GoPro camera mounts for paddle boarding

Heading out on a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) is a wonderful experience and would highly recommend it to anyone, a great way to keep fit and destress, and its always a good opportunity to capture some photos, whether it's vain selfies or just to capture some pictures of the moment.

Vain Selfie - Flex Clamp Mount

Stunning Sunsets - hand held

Stunning locations - Mouth mount

GoPro cameras are hugely popular these days with many companies making actions cameras that will work on the GoPro mounting system, and there are a LOT of options available for mounting your action camera.

TIP: to capture multiple photos without having to keep pressing the shutter button or setting a timer set you camera to Time-lapse, set the intervals to as short a possible (eg 0.5 sec between each shot) this will give you a load of pictures to choose from when your finished.

Here are the 5 best GoPro mounts for SUP

Flex Clamp Mount
These clamps are super strong and adjustable (objects ranging in sizes from 0.25" to 2" (0.6cm to 5cm) in diameter).
Can be used with or without the Adjustable Gooseneck.
For paddle boarding there securely attach to your paddle and you can use your paddle as a super long selfie stick.
The GoPro ones are super expensive and a lot of cheaper options are available .
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Mouth Mount

The Mouth mount it what I use most, it is designed to allow you to breathe and get a stable shot and gives a perfect POV shot every time.
It has a comfortable rubber mouthpiece, bite supports for stable footage, an air channel for unrestricted breathing, and comes with a lanyard to keep your camera close.
You don't always need to shoot with it in your mount, can always use the mouth mount as a handle.

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360 Degree Rotation wrist mount  

For the ultimate selfies??
You wear this like a glove, the camera will have a 360 degree rotation to get the best shooting angle and it's not going to get in the way.

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Head Strap Camera Mount

This is a fully adjustable mount that will fit over your head or helmet to give completely hands-free, first-person-POV footage.
They are comfy to wear and when you're all set to go hit recored and forget all about it.

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Floating Hand Grip

Waterproof Floating Hand Grip, like a mini selfie stick, perfect for capturing stable shots either selfies of what's around you.
Will also keep your camera afloat if dropped into the water, also multifunctional, the water proof chamber of this bobber can store small objects, like your car key.

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Must have extras

Floaty back door
Keeps your camera afloat if dropped into water.
Wont fit on with head strap, also won't keep the flex clamp afloat 
But works great on the othersBuy on Amazon

Anti-Fog Inserts
PREVENTS FOGGING: Use in cold or humid climates to avoid excess moisture building up on your lens and inside the GoPro housing.
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Camera Tethers
Keep your camera extra secure with these tethers, also best to have a back up.
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