First shoot since lockdown ended..out on the paddle board.

Monday June 15th I finally got back out with my camera, first time since March 21st, apart from a couple of indoor projects and getting out with my pinhole camera for Worldwide pinhole photography day.

I had hoped to get out with my camera much sooner, but found I spent more time getting out on my Kayak and paddle board instead of with the camera. So, I decided to but a new waterproof deck bag for paddle board/kayak, after a lot of research I decided on the Red Paddle Co Deck Dry Bay

I decided on this bag as it used a zip instead of the traditional "roll up and clip" waterproof bags, the zip is easier to access and designed around the Red Paddle Co Paddle boards, which I have.

On Monday evening I headed over the Seaford to paddle around to Cuckmere haven for the view of The Seven Sisters, this is a regular paddle spot for me and is only around 1.7 miles each way.

I loaded my new bag with my Fuji X-T1 and Samyang 12mm f2.0 with a Formatt-Hitech Firecrest polarising filter, I also had space for my Q-666C Carbon Fiber Tripod and plenty of extra space for future paddles. I wanted to keep gear minimal for first attempt.

With the Sun setting behind me I had only a short amount of time to get around to The Seven Sisters, whilst being able to get some photos on the way.

Watch the video

First photo
Seaford Needle.
Photographed his many times from the beach and from the top of the cliff, this was right at the start of the paddle.

Second photo
Just a short distance from the first, capturing the low sun bringing out the detail on the cliff face.

Third photo
Same spot as above

Forth photo
The Seven Sisters.
After the end point of the cliff in the photos above, you come across a long straight heading to Hope Gap and into Cuckmere haven, this section is mostly in the shade before coming back out into the sun and The Seven Sisters view

Fifth photo
The Seven sisters, with sunsetting colours.

Sixth photo
The Seven Sisters, enjoying the view before heading back.

Seventh photo
Tranquility, Sunset colours and sea.

Eighth photo
Paddling back into the sunset.

Ninth Photo
Ferry coming back into Newhaven. 

Tenth photo 
Sunset on the cliff face.

Eleventh photo
As the sun had finally set I arrived back to the Buoy marker.

As a first attempt with taking my gear out onto the sea, I am really pleased with the bag and it keeping everything dry and safe, next time I would most lightly use a different lens for the flexibility, something like my Fuji 10-24, the Samyang is a lovely lens and being manual and relatively cheap I didn't really need to worry to much about it on the sea, but being stuck at 12mm there were times the flexibility of the 10-24 would of been nice. But Im confident with the bag and keeping my gear safe to take a different lens out next time.

Kit used on this shoot.

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