Happy Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2020

Today is Worldwide pinhole photography day (WWPD), a day dedicated to all the lensless lovers around to world, WWPD is an annual event which is on the last Sunday in April, around 4000 people from 74 countries currently take part and its growing every year, celebrating the simply joy of making a photograph with a pinhole camera.

This year may be slightly different for many due to the Covid-19 virus, with people in isolation and travel restrictions in place for many, as a results of the virus submissions to pinholeday.org have been extended to June 30th 2020.  

Participation Rules

  • Photos must be made with a lensless photographic device, homemade or brought, pinhole, multiple pinholes, zone plate, slit, etc.
  • All pinhole images must  be made on April 26th 2020.
  • Solargraphs are fine as long as the shutter was open on April 26th 2020.
  • Photos on photographic film, paper and digital sensors are all welcome

This morning I made a small walk over to the local wind turbines to capture a few exposures.
I used my Zero Image 4x5 pinhole camera and some sheets of Fomapan 100 film.

It is a bright sunny and beautiful day with exposures lasting between 12 and 20 seconds, there was very little wind so the turbine blades were spinning very slowly, so hopefully managed to capture some of the motion. If they are spinning too fast and the exposure is too long, it turns to an almost invisible blur.

I used my Koolehaoda Q-666C Carbon Fiber Tripod which is super light weight and perfect for the pinhole camera.

On my walk I managed 5 exposures in total and have one left to shoot this afternoon. Hopefully I will develop them early this week so I can share them in the next few days.

Hope you are all staying safe and well and Happy Worldwide pinhole photography day.


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