Lockdown solargraphy - RESULTS.

Monday March 30th I set my Zero Image 4x5 pinhole camera loaded with a sheet of Ilford Multigrade IV RC Deluxe Pearl B&W darkroom paper and started doing a lockdown solargraph.
I ended it early on April 22th resulting in a 24 day exposure, as I wanted to use the camera for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day.

The camera was left on a windowsill capturing the suns path every afternoon through to sunset.

Using the zero image set at 25mm means it gave a very wide view and not a lot of detail as I was hoping in the suns path, I would normally get a much clearer result with the suns tails when using a can camera. However the Zero Image did provide a lot of detail in the overall image.

How Its Done

  1. Load film holder with Multigrade IV RC Deluxe Pearl B&W darkroom paper cut to 4x5 in a low light room away from sunlight.
  2. Set camera up in a window which face towards the suns path.
  3. Leave for as long as needed (24 days with this shot).
  4. When finished, open in low light room away from sunlight, put straight onto a flat bed scanner.
  5. Scan and open in editing software, convert from Negative too Positive.
  6. Edit to suit.
The final photo.

See more of my solargraphy work HERE


  1. This is brilliant, thanks for sharing. I want to give this a try myself so no developing of the paper at all? Would it work for say a 1 minute exposure or 10 seconds? Thanks

    1. Hi, thank you. Yes no chemicals needed. You can get results from a 1 day exposure, or at least half a day capturing the sun's tails.

    2. Hi Will, many thanks for that, I hopefully will be able to give it a try soon.


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