4x5 Pinhole paddle boarding "Action camera test #2"

So over the weekend I finally managed to get out on my paddle board with my pinhole camera, I had been meaning to do this for a few weeks, but the weather had not been on my side. Originally I had planned on doing this on the sea, but glad I stuck to the river as it was so flat, and going through fixing different mounts on my camera at sea its always the best idea.

A few weeks back I tested my Zero Image 4x5 as an action camera, the reason for this is due to how wide the Zero 45 is, it has the same field of view (FOV) as a GoPro (Zero45 -148.35°, GoPro - 149.2º).
Naturally a GoPro is built for action video and photos, a pinhole camera is not, but it does produce some interesting results.
So this section of photos is my second attempt at "pinhole action camera photography", this time out on my paddle board trying a few different set up.

Camera: Zero Image 4x5
Aperture: f/138
Film: Ilford Delta 100

The river ahead 
This is my favourite, I don't know why but it just seems to work, I have don't photos on my paddle board before with my Zero 45, but this is the first time with the camera in portrait position and it just seems to work better, the clouds were nice and the reflection in the water has certainly helped add to the image.
Exposure: 3 seconds

Keeping the camera mounted in the same position on the tripod I mounted it on the front of my board, I opened the shutter and quickly stood up to paddle, then closed the shutter again. I was maybe moving to much as it has ghosted me more than expected, but I think it's come out ok.
Exposure: 3 seconds

With the camera mounted onto my paddle using a GoPro Jaws clamp and a 1/4"-20 Tripod Adapter I did this shot looking up as I paddled along, trying to keep my head centred.
I feel it worked well, just wish I had put my hand just slightly up more.
Exposure: 3 seconds

Looking down
Same as above but turned the camera looking down, the effect in the water I find interesting, it's the reflection of the clouds being churned up in the water. I wish I had placed my had further down the paddle so it was more visible or recognisable as a hand, but I like the fact you can make out the carbon fibre of the paddle and the blade at the bottom.
Exposure: 5 seconds

Selfie stick
I did this on my skateboard which I feel really worked well, on my paddle board not so much.
I think it would off worked better if you could see the selfie stick and my hand holding it, I like images like this if there is a part which is still in the image and everything else blurs around it. With the skateboard image my hand holding the selfie stick was "in focus" and everything else had motion, I think this would off worked if I had done the same, so it's now to re shoot sometime.
Exposure: 3 seconds 

On the head
Mounted my camera to my head again, didn't work on the my skateboard, also doesn't work on my paddle board, but was fun to try again.
Exposure: 3 seconds


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