4x5 pinhole action camera - Test #1 Longboarding

Testing out my Zero Image 4x5 pinhole camera as an action camera.

A few months ago I did a post comparing some images from the Zero45 to a GoPro, naturally these 

cameras are completely different, but the Field of View is similar (Zero45 -148.35°, GoPro - 149.2º).

I decided to head out on my longboard with a few different clamps and mounts to try and get a few more shots with my longboard skateboard using the Zero Image 4x5 loaded with Fomapan 100 film

First shot
I attached my Zero 45 to the back of my Longboard using a Manfrotto super clamp with a ball head, I did however end up accidentally kicking the camera when pushing away, which caused the light leak down the side.   
3 second exposure

Second shot
Same as above, but I attached it on the other side so it didn't get in the way
3 second exposure

Selfie stick time
Testing out pinhole camera selfie shots
2 second exposure

7 second exposure

Testing out my head mount ideas.....needs some improvement 

4 second exposure

Attached to the front of the board using the Manfrotto super clamp and z plate.

24 second exposure

Thoughts on this shoot.
Actually really pleased with the results, better than expected. I do feel I could improve on them a lot, and intend to at some point. I will also be trying other "action camera" shots with other sports soon.
Doing these photos reminded me how much fun pinhole photography is and how creative you it can be, its easy to get caught up with what you feel you should be doing when it comes to photography, but you need to do what you enjoy, love every minute of it.


Kit used on this shoot

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