GoPro vs Zero Image pinhole as an action camera.

Going through some photos this morning I realised over the years I have been using my Zero Image 4x5 as an action camera, it may be a bit big compared to the GoPro, but they also have a very similar Field Of View and with it being a pinhole camera it does allow for some longer exposures for some added motion to the images.

GoPro Hero 8 

Size - L 66.3mm H 48.6mm W 28.4
Weight - 126 g
Aperture - f/2.8
FOV -149.2ยบ

Zero Image 4x5

Size L 155mm/190mm with film holder H 145mm W 33mm
Weight 394g with film holder
Aperture - f/138 @ 25mm
FOV - 148.35° 

These images below are my current favourite comparisons.

Paddle boarding with the dog.

GoPro Hero 3 black - Zero Image 4x5 Ilford Delta 100 film 


GoPro Hero 3 Black - Zero Image 4x5 Fomapan 100 film 

Bike ride

GoPro Hero 8 Black - Zero Image 4x5 Fomapan 100

I personally do love the pinhole shots as it gives a completely different look to the GoPro, some of the shots I would like to try again on a sunny day for a shorter exposures (especially the long boarding) with the Zero Image, but even though the Zero Image is MUCH larger and has not aerodynamics what so ever, it will get the wobbles if you go to fast with it strapped to something, but because it is pinhole and you will get much longer exposures you can go slow and get the motion to look like you are going super fast.

I will be testing my Zero Image out as an action camera a bit more.

Make sure you check out the videos on YouTube.


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