MacOS Big Sur and Lightroom 5, failing to import photos. FIXED.

I recently finally updated my MacBook with the latest update MacOS Big Sur.

It had been prompting me for months to update. I have been aware some programs may not work after this update, which is why I had waited so long to allow software developers to update their programs before I installed the new software.

One issue I have experienced is with my old version of Lightroom, I'm still running on Lightroom 5. 

I imported some photos into Lightroom and it was fine, but some other photos would not import.
It would sit on this with no progress what so ever.

After a few hours of trying to figure out what was going on, I noticed that only photos that would upload successfully were in folders, after moving the photos that I had not placed into folders in a folder, they successfully uploaded as normal.

The FIX - Move your photos into folders.


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