6 camera's for kids 2021

Photography is such a wonderful way to allow your child to create while have fun (with no mess).
Giving your kid a camera gives them the opportunity to to explore and see the world from a new point of view, also if they really get into photography they will never be able to afford drugs.
If you are also a photographer, getting out with you kids and their camera is a great way to spend some quality creative time together. Morning out with my daughter.

Here are a selection of my favourite to get your kids started.

1) GoPro

GoPro HERO6 Black HD Action Camera | Sport ChekGoPro - HERO5 Black 4K Ultra HD Camera

The GoPro, built for action and abuse, perfect for kids.

GoPro cameras are great for all the family and kids of all ages. For the younger ones you can set the camera up and they can shoot away, and for they older, there are plenty of features to play around with, photo and video.

GoPro Available on Amazon 

New and used on eBay


  • Rugged 
  • Waterproof
  • Good image quality
  • Video 
  • Small 
  • Wide-angle


  • Expensive

2) AKAMATE Kids Action Camera

The kids action camera.
The Akamate Action Camera is built as a toy for kids, but it features don't lack.
HD 1080p@/30fps videos and 5MP bright photos
Built-in 3.7V rechargeable Li-ion battery, 90 minutes continuous recording of 1080P@30fps
Waterproof up to 100ft/30m
Comes with 2 mounting kits which can to be attached to skateboards, bike, helmets and more.
And as an added bonus, it has 3 games built-in and a 32GB SD Card included.
This is a great option to keep your adventurous kids happy and can survive most the abuse they throw at it.

Available on Amazon
New and used on eBay

Good battery life
Can mount on lots of stuff
Comes with 32GB memory card
Not the best image quality (But your kid would hardly notice this)

3) VTech KidiZoom Duo 5.0

VTech Kidizoom Duo 5.0 - Galaxus

This toy camera designed for the younger ones. 
Featuring 5 megapixels, 4x digital zoom, 2.4" LCD screen and an array of features such as front and rear facing cameras, games, voice recorder, wacky photo shaker and a photo editor. 
This chunky and robust design perfect for smaller hands.

  • Great for selfies
  • Photo editing features and effects
  • Durable
  • Available in blue or pink

  • Chunky
  • Low-resolution LCD screen

4) Instax Mini 11

mini 11 | instax Instant Photography
The easiest Instax cameras to use, and is a great choice for kids. 
Available in a range of six different colours, the round-edged's on the camera are perfect for smaller hands. 
Instant photography is truly fascinating and kids will be instantly addicted. 
The Instax Mini 11 is powered by two regular AA batteries and is completely automatic with the only option to switch over to selfie mode, which drops the minimum focus distance to 0.3m, and there is a little mirror next to the lens for you to frame your shot.
After you have taken you shot the camera with roll out the credit card sized print and you will start seen the photo paper after around 20 seconds and fully developed in around 90 seconds.
They are great for collecting and loads of albums and frames available for Instax prints.
Instax film is readily available and well priced, it is recommend to buy in bulk to save even more money, 

  • Easy to use
  • Built-in selfie mode
  • Cheap camera
  • Loads of fun


  • Always-on flash
  • Can get expensive if you have a trigger happy kid.

5) Kodak Printomatic

The Kodak Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera.
This camera uses Kodak Zink Photo Paper, Zink paper is 2x3 inches and uses heat to activate colours in the paper, with Zink you don’t have to worry about exposing the paper too light, as you do with Instax film. No ink cartridges, toners or film are needed. The photo prints are durable, water-resistant, tear resistant, smudge free and adhesive-backed.
This camera uses a 5 megapixel sensor, with a a wide f2 lens, has MicroSD slot and Built-in lithium battery. Because it has a memory card reader it works even if there’s no paper loaded.
Available in a range of colours to suit your kids taste. Zink paper is also cheaper than Instax film, which probably makes it more suitable for the kids.

  • Super durable prints
  • Instant pictures
  • Saves photos digitally
  • Cheap camera

  • Rechargeable battery not removable
  • Zink not as good as Instax
  • Not the best in low light

6) Fujifilm FinePix XP130

Rugged point and shoot cameras are the best cameras for kids.
Waterproof to 20m, shockproof to 1.75m, freeze proof to -10°C and dust-proof. Has a 16.4 megapixel sensor, 3 inch LCD screen, along with a 5x optical zoom lens. 
Also comes in five different colour finishes (white, yellow, blue, green and silver).
This is small enough to fit in your pocket and tough enough for most of your kids activities.
With a simple menu system and button layout this camera also has bluetooth to easily connect wirelessly.

  • Simple to use
  • Pocket size
  • Large LCD screen
  • More affordable than most underwater cameras

  • Not the best in low light


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