The day I almost lost my Zero Image 45


A wet trip out with my Zero Image 45.

Headed to the beach between heavy showers for some photos with my Zero Image 45 loaded with 6 sheets of Fomapan 100 film.

First stop was a little spot Sovereign end of Eastbourne Seafront.
First exposure was 12 seconds.

Second exposure was in the same spot, however I was testing out me newly fitted filter holder, which also extended the exposure time to around 6-7 minutes.
Just as I was placing my tripod down a few big waves hit...I should of set up elsewhere, but I continued and 4 minutes in a big wave smashed over my camera, thankfully it didn't wash away, but I ended up with this underexposed image with was drops on it (which I think would of got on the film when I placed the dark slide back in).

After the wave hit, I headed further along the seafront to Eastbourne Bandstand, by this point it was hammering it down with rain. I used my Manfrotto super clamp to hold my camera onto the railings.
12 second exposure 

Also at the bandstand using my Manfrotto super clamp again.

After waiting in the car for about 30 minutes as the rain was now hammering it down, it cleared enough to quickly get a photo of the wheel currently on Eastbourne seafront. 
Using my red filter, which had some water marks on it (must remember to make sure that it is spotless next time I use it).
One minute exposure.

Last exposure for the morning, the rain was so bad by this point, I parked up nest to this ice cream parlour to quickly get out and get my last shot.
10 second exposure. 

Film was all developed at home using Ilford ILFOSOL 3.

I do love being out with my cameras in bad weather, this was a little too wet though. 
Camera all cleaned and dried out when I got home, thankfully no electronics to damage.


Kit used on this shoot.

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