Beachy head, sunset SUP

Monday evening (20th) I headed out on my SUP with my camera gear for a paddle around Beachy head for sunset.
I already had my Red Paddle Deck Dry Waterproof Bag packed with some camera gear. The previous weeks I had planned on paddling around to the lighthouse with my Zero Image 4x5 pinhole camera, but had missed the opportunity, as had to time it with a high tide, little wind, a day I wasn't working and in the morning (as wanted to avid any direct sunlight) and when it was all right and perfect, I decided to stay in bed....

So on Monday evening after work I headed out on a low tide, I paddled around along Beachy head, but light was fading fast over the tops of the cliff, also there is a point before the lighthouse which had some really bad currents due to the tides, so decided not to head any further for my own safety.

1)This was my first photo shortly after setting off from the beach.
The sun getting lower getting some nice low light on top off the cliffs

2) Beachy head lighthouse back lit by the sun

3) Board and bag
Just after this I started to head back and a large seal started checking me out. 
Popped it head out just to the left of me, the vanished for a few seconds before popping up to the right, unfortunately I didn't get a photo as had packed the camera away and was a bit quick, I did however catch it on the GoPro, which was unfortunately slightly fogged up at the time.
You can see it on the video

4) Tranquil 
Cant beat floating around on the sea during sunset. 

5) Eastbourne
On the way back after the sun had set, a beautiful pink glow lit up the town.

6) Honey Bee rescued
Found this little chap struggling in the sea, so loaded him onto the board and set him/her somewhere safe when we got back to shore.

7) Back on the beach

Was a nice evening for a paddle and some photos, also first time I have taken a bag full of gear, in my deck bag I also had my Zero Image pinhole camera, film holders, turns pro, extra filters, and small tripod.
Didn't use my pinhole camera due to very low light, but soon, I will get out for a good morning with the pinhole camera and paddle board.


Kit used on this shoot.

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