Double exposure, Sunrise and Sunset Wednesday 15th April 2020

I shot this yesterday, an exposure lasting around 24 hours. Started the exposure after sunset on Tuesday and finished the exposure after sunset on Wednesday.
The image captures Sunrise and Sunset in a double exposure. Sunrise from the front of our house and sunset from the rear of our house.

I used an old pinhole camera I made a few years back out of an old VHS case, with some Ilford light sensitive photographic paper.

This is the VHS case camera and some paper photo negatives I shot with it a few years back

I started the exposure from our front window which faces East, I taped the camera to the window using duck tape, which also turned out to be a bad idea.

The sunrise line, going up to the top right hand corner starts out with a slow curve, this was due to the heat melting the glue on the tape and the camera was slowly falling backwards before it came to a stop, thanks to a plant pot.

When the sun was over the top of our house, I moved the camera to the back facing West to capture the second exposure, the sun's path throughout the afternoon down to sunset.
This is also the same spot I have another camera doing a solargraph during lockdown, currently on day 17 of the exposure.

Not done many solargraphs for a few years now, but been really enjoying setting them back up again and seeing the results, may have to make a few cameras ready for the Summer solstice.

Starting a camera during the Summer or Winter solstice, the sun is at its highest (summer) or lowest (winter) point, from there you can start a 6 month exposure capturing the sun's path throughout this entire process.

Check out some more of my pinhole and solargraphy work over on my site.
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