Morning out with my Dog and HOYA R72 Infrared filter - 26/10/19

Saturday morning I head out for a short walk with the dog to some local wind turbines in Polegate. Had my Fuji X-T1 up with my Fujifilm 10-24mm and Koolehaoda Q-666C Carbon Fiber Tripod  which is super light compared to my Manfrotto and ideal when just walking about, also had my Hoya 77mm Infrared R72 Screw in Filter
Infrared filters are designed to block visible light and only allow infrared light to pass through into the lens and camera and can sometimes create stunning and creative results. Objects in a scene can reflect infrared light very differently than normal light. An example is leaves, leaves/foliage reflect a good amount of visible light but they reflect even more infrared light, which is why they appear brighter in the image.

HOYA Infrared filter R72 filter on my Fuji X-T1
I originally brought this filter to use with some Ilford SFX 200 film with my Mamiya RB67, but have not used it so much with my digital.

Accessing the wind turbines from Polegate is easy, for me its a short walk, but you can drive to the top end of Shepham Lane, next to the Cuckoo Trail and park up, head through the gate carrying on along Shepham Lane and cross over the bypass bridge, just as the barrier over the bridge ends there is a footpath stile on the right hand side, jump over that and follow the path along to the turbines.

Been loads of rain recently so I headed the longer way around fields to the wind turbines, it was a windy morning and the blades were spinning fast which made things difficult as the filter restricts a lot of light from entering the lens, meaning much longer shutter speeds or having to use high ISOs to keep the shutter speed down.

First shot set up sheltered out the wind.

The final result is a 0.5 second exposure - iso800 - f/4.0 - 15.9mm

Headed further around the field to where you enter the field for the turbine, there are 3 turbines in total, the other 2 are not included as they are in another field to the right hand side and they still had the sun still fairly low straight onto them.

The dog waiting for a long exposure to finish.

One photo from this spot
1/13sec - iso 3200 - f/4.0 - 17.4mm

This was another shot, this time dropping the iso from 3200 to 200 and setting the aperture to f/18 which both reduced the exposure time to 30 seconds.

The sky looks good but with the strong winds and the speed of the turbines combined with the slow shutter the blades are completely blurred out.

Just to the right of this "PRIVATE KEEP OUT" gate is the path, which you are allowed to walk along to the wind turbine.

This is my personal favourite shot from the morning
iso2500 - 13.8mm - f/4.0 - 1/6 sec

Up close, love the sound of the blades whizzing by.
iso2500 - 13.8mm - f/4.0 - 1/6 sec

Overall pleased with some of these photos from the morning, still have a bit to learn with using the filter, but defiantly also worth keeping it in my bag.

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