Shooting and developing Ilford SFX 200

Shooting and developing Ilford SFX 200

Ilford SFX 200 is a black & white film with extended sensitivity into the near-infrared at 740 nm. 
To get the full effect its should be used with infrared filters (like the Hoya R72 which is what I use) to give a similar effect seen in infrared photography.
It can also be used without a filter, but will give a normal Black & White look, similar to HP5.

Using an R72 filter you will need to add 5 to 6 stops to compensate 

Ideally setting your light meter to ISO 3-6

You can get a similar effect using a 25A RED filter and will need to compensate 3 stops / 25 ISO 

This will mean you will get a lot slower shutter speeds so a tripod or solid surface is highly recommended.

Developing times

  • Ilford Ilfosol 3 - 1+9 Dilution - 6 minutes at 20°C
  • Ilford Ilfosol 3 - 1+14 Dilution - 9 minutes at 20°C
  • Ilford Ilfotec DD-X - 1+4 Dilution - 10 minutes at 20°C
  • Ilford Ilfotec DD-X - 1+4 Dilution - 7 minutes at 24°C
  • Ilford Ilfotec DD-X - 1+9 Dilution - 14 minutes at 20°C
  • Kodak T-Max - 1+4 Dilution - 8.5 minutes at 20°C
  • Kodak D-76 - 1+1 Dilution - 17 minutes at 20°C

Developing Process with Ilford Ilfosol 3

  1. Mix Developer -  Ilfosol 3 1+9 600ml - 60ml Dev 540ml water
  2. Mix Stop Bath - Ilfostop 1+19 600ml - 30ml Stop 570ml water
  3. Mix Fixer - Rapid Fixer 1+4 600ml - 120ml Fix 480ml water
  4. Get chemicals to 20°C
  5. Pour in Developer, as soon as all the developer is in the tank start clock for 6 minutes
  6. Agitation - Invert the tank four times during the first 10 seconds, tap the tank firmly on the work bench or with your hand to dislodge any air bubbles which may be trapped in the processing spiral. Follow this procedure for each further minute. 
  7. 10 second before your 6 minutes is up start pouring away the developer, this can not be reused, as you finish pour time should hit 6 minutes.
  8. Stop Bath - pour in leave for a minimum of 10 seconds, ideally no longer than 60 seconds.
  9. Pour back Stop Bath, this is reusable
  10. Fixer - 2-5 minutes, follow same procedure as developer, the time will depend on how exhausted the fixer is.
  11. Wash - wash the film in running water for 5-10 minutes at a temperature within 5°C of the process temperature.
  12. Ilford Ilfotol wetting agent used as a final rinse before drying films. 1+200 Dilution 3ml Ilfotol 597ml water
  13. Remove film, squeegee and allow to hang dry, ideally in a bathroom.

And you done, when all dried you can scan film and make any adjustments necessary.

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Make sure you follow the manufactures guidelines on any of the products you use, all times and quantities given are a recommendation and can be adjusted to suit.


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