3rd October 2019 "sunset" shoot - Cuckmere

Thursday after work I headed straight out to hopefully capture a nice sunset.
The weather throughout the day had been perfect, I headed back down to the River Cuckmere meanders after I forgot my memory cards last time, this time however the whole place was flooded and instead of a nice meandering river it was just a mass of water and overcast sky with what looked like no chance of the sun breaking through. So after walking up a big hill to realise it didn't look any better the higher I got I headed back down to the waters edge and found a spot sheltered out fo the wind.

I did set up my DIY TurnsPro slider with my GoPro attached fro a time-lapse which came out ok, but not really that great.

I had my Fuji X-T1 camera and Fujifilm 10-24mm lens with some filters.

This was my first shot capturing the reflection in the flooded water using my Formatt-Hitech 0.6 ND Graduate Hard Edge filter to balance the sky and water.
ISO 200 - 11.5mm - f/18 - 0.8 seconds

Shortly after I started taking photos the rain started hammering down, managed to grab one shot before I quickly put a bag over my camera to help protect it as the rain passed over.

My final and favourite image was a long exposure using my B+W 10 stop filter capturing a 125 second exposure with just a bit of light breaking through the clouds as the sun was about to set.
ISO200 - 10mm - f/9.0 - 125 seconds

Even though the light was a bit rubbish at it wasn't what I was after, and the time-lapse was a disappointment, it was as always lovely to get out and to have the enthusiasm back to keep getting out with my camera again.

Also have a new website up and running https://www.willgudgeonphotography.co.uk