For the first time, I have finally done it...

I had a bit of free time the other evening and it looked like it was going to be a nice sunset, so quickly chucked some gear into my camera bag I headed out. Thankfully I didn't drive to far, and only had a short walk up to a spot overlooking the Cuckmere meanders, East Sussex.

Smartphone photo.

Got to where I wanted to be and got my Fuji XT1 out with my Fujifilm XF-10-24mm lens, attached to my tripod and was all set for what was going to be a lovely sunset.
Switched my camera on and then had this absolutely wonderful message pop up on my LCD screen...NO MEMORY CARD INSERT A NEW CARD!!!!!
Gutted, I cannot believe I forgot my memory cards, I desperately searched through my whole bag in hope I had a lost one in the bottom of a pocket somewhere, but nothing.

This is the first time I have ever forgotten memory cards and hopefully will be the last.

I had thankfully brought my Turnspro Time Lapse Camera Mount along with a  GoPro Hero 3 Black (which thankfully had a micro SD card in), so I found a spot got comfy and set that up and left it to record a short time-lapse of the sunset.


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