Through the viewfinder - Photo Series.

The waist-level finder.
I love using waist level finder cameras, I currently use a Mamiya RB67 and Yashica D TLR.
A collection of photos looking through a waist level finder.

Sunrise Seascape, Yashica D TLR

I have used waist level finder cameras for a few years now and really love them.
I currently own and regularly use a Mamiya RB67 and Yashica D twin-lens reflex camera (TLR)
Waist level finder cameras take a while to get use to, as the image is reversed left-to-right, particularly making it tricky to follow moving subjects.
I find waist level finders perfect for landscape photography, the Mamiya and Yashica both have large bright screens, making composing the images easy, but most of all, I just love the view looking down these things.

A selection of my personal best views through both my Mamiya RB67 and Yashica D TLR

The Seven Sisters, Sussex. Mamiya RB67 - Final Photo

Bexhill Pavilion. Mamiya RB67

Eastbourne Sovereign harbour. Mamiya RB67 - Final Photo

Woodland Walk. Yashica D TLR

Beach Huts, Eastbourne. Mamiya RB67

Bluebell Woods. MamiyaRB67

South Downs. Mamiya RB67

Hampden Park Eastbourne. Mamiya RB67

Autumn Sunrise, Beachy Head, Sussex. Mamiya RB67 - Final Photo

Eastbourne Beach. Yashica D TLR

Eastbourne Beach, Yashica D TLR 

Lone Tree, Yashica D TLR 

Using my Mamiya RB67 with waist level viewfinder


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