And so it begins, 365 day disposable camera challenge...

Today the 1st day of 2017, I am starting the 365 day photo challenge, using disposable cameras.

I have recently been checking out various disposable camera projects
along with a few other fun projects people have done, and thought it would be fun to do something.
I have always wanted to try a 365, but with digital it didn't really appeal to me, as getting your phone out your pocket to snap a pic is all to easy nowadays, so I thought doing a 365 on film would be fun to try, but all my film cameras are medium format, chunky and not the lightest to take with me everywhere, which led me to disposable cameras, they are small and very light.
Disposable cameras are set, no adjustments to the settings can be made (unless you modify the camera), your standard option is to turn ON or OFF a flash, this makes getting a good photo all the more challenging, I still may not achieve a good photo in the 365 days.

Im starting of with an Ilford disposable camera, with Ilford HP5 plus ISO 400 film.

Im hoping I can develop the film myself at home, just need to test how they come apart, and will do a post for every 27 images I get.

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