2nd roll of film through my ONDU Multiformat pinhole camera

Just developed my 2nd roll of film (Ilford Delta 100) used in my ONDU Multiformat pinhole camera MK2 set at 6x12.

5 second exposure of some random horse standing in a field
I think the white blotch on the right is where the shutter accidentally opened slightly and caught the sun.
Have tightened up the screw to the shutter to hopefully avoid this again.

3 second exposure
A bench along the Cuckoo trail.

20 second exposure
So for this image I was testing out a red filter over the pinhole, It certainly added more contrast to the sky, but it was a very scratch up piece of red plastic, its something to work on...

4 second exposure
Cycling home from work.

2 minute exposure
I had this set up outside our window during a storm, there were a couple of lightning bolts during the exposure, but the low ISO film didn't capture them.

15 second  exposure
Looking up.

So this was very much a trial and error film, pleased with some, not so much others, but starting to see and feel how this camera works.

Next up is a roll of FUJICOLOR PRO 160S expired 2009, set up at 6x12

This will be my 1st colour film through this, so really looking forward to the results.

If you want to check out my 1st roll of film through this camera, you can do so here


  1. I'm pleased to have connected with you on Twitter and I look forward to seeing where your Ondu takes you. I'll be borrowing you 'Cycling home from work' idea.

    1. Thank you Charles. feel free to borrowing any ideas.
      The roll of FUJICOLOR PRO 160S will hopefully be getting developed in the next couple of weeks and I'm half way through another roll of B&W film being shot at 6x9 which will hopefully be finished soon. So more photos should be coming up in the next few weeks.


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