New Camera Day - The Ilford Harman Titan 4x5 pinhole camera

I've Got a new camera.

It's incredible how time shapes our passions. Just yesterday, a Facebook memory from 12 years ago popped up, reminding me of my excitement when I acquired a new lens for my digital camera. I recall marveling at its sharpness and lovely f/2.8 aperture.

Yet, yesterday held a different kind of excitement. Instead of a lens, I unwrapped a new camera - the Harman Titan 4x5 pinhole camera. With no lens to speak of and an aperture of f/206, it's a departure from the conventional gear I used all them years ago, most would say i've gone backwards, but for me, I enjoy my photography more now than ever before.

This camera has been a dream of mine for nearly a decade. Ever since I delved into the world of pinhole photography, the Harman Titan held a special place in my heart. While I was initially swayed by the allure of the Zero Image 4x5 with its super wide-angle capabilities and adjustable focal length, 9 years ago when I first took an interest in pinhole photography, my longing for the Titan never waned.

After years of dabbling in and out of pinhole photography, and a time focusing primarily on medium format pinholes, I finally took the plunge and invested in the Harman Titan. And let me tell you, the joy it brings is unparalleled.

Boxed and ready to open

From the front with 72mm cone attached and pinhole cover on

Inside the back

Front, film holder fitter nicely slides in between the tabs on the back, and pinhole cover removed

Top features a bubble level (also another on the side) and a cold shoe mount

The cold shoe mount is going to be ideal for a light meter attachment

The craftsmanship of this camera is truly remarkable; it exudes durability and is built to withstand a bit of rugged use. What's even more impressive is the thoughtfulness in design - the pinholes are replaceable, ensuring longevity and adaptability. Plus, for those who love personalization, blank pinhole holders are readily available, allowing you to customize your pinhole experience.

As if that wasn't enough, this kit includes a 72mm wide-angle cone, and the versatility doesn't end there. You can effortlessly switch it out for either a 110mm or 150mm cone, with the option to explore different focal lengths through additional accessories.

I'm practically buzzing with anticipation to hit the field with this camera. If you're as excited as I am, consider subscribing to my YouTube channel for an immersive visual journey, or stay tuned to this blog for regular updates on my pinhole adventures. Your support and curiosity are always welcomed!

Check out Walker Cameras for the best prices on this camera, also an 8x10 option available.


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