Sick day dog walk

As the workweek came to a close, I found myself quite worn out, persisting through the fatigue. However, on Thursday night, I reached a point of feeling exceptionally unwell, battling both a severe lack of sleep and a pounding headache. It became evident that attempting to go to work on Friday was out of the question.

While my initial inclination was to spend the entire day indoors, I faced the reality that I am a dog owner. As any dog owner would understand, the needs of our furry companions are non-negotiable, particularly the regular walks. Despite feeling under the weather, I bundled up and considered that some fresh air might do me good. Consequently, I decided to venture to the South Downs for a brief walk with my aging dog, who, at almost 16 years old, doesn't require lengthy strolls, aligning perfectly with my current energy levels.

Taking advantage of the outing, I opted to bring along my beloved Yashica D twin-lens camera, loaded with a roll of Fomapan 100 film. Ever since rediscovering this camera during a recent weekend, I developed a newfound appreciation for its charm. The circumstances presented the perfect opportunity to capture moments once again with this cherished piece of equipment.

My first photo was walking through a wooded area, I attempted to capture the light hitting the side of this tree trunk, it did not come out as well as I had hoped.

Second photo is of this locked gate, which I think houses a weather station on the other side, however it has this message for all the world to see from local animal rights activists "Stop buying dogs and eating animals"....

Old tree with a view across the local town

The winding path, used by the local farmesr to access their livestock on the South Downs

Bugzy, unfortunately not the easiest dog to capture, being a terrier he is constantly moving

Tyre track Puddles

The cyclist, I was hoping to capture this cyclist a bit quicker, but juggling dog leads, poo bags and a camera I wasn't that quick to get the shot

Back in the van I captured a couple more of Bugzy, being in the van he is more contained and is much easier to get his photo

The back at home, slightly out of focus

I hope you enjoy the photos captured during that rejuvenating walk. Unfortunately, a week later, I find myself still grappling with the effects of illness. Nevertheless, today marks a slight improvement, allowing me to piece together this blog post. With any luck, in the coming days, I anticipate a more significant recovery, along with the renewed energy to venture outdoors once again. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for joining me on this journey.


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