It's been a year, but I got back out.

It has been just over a year since I last embarked on a photographic journey with my pinhole camera. Initially, the hiatus was prompted by substantial DIY projects that absorbed all my free time. However, upon completing those endeavors, I discovered a notable lack of enthusiasm to venture out again. The pause allowed me to reflect on neglected interests that had taken a backseat during my intense focus on pinhole photography.

During the DIY projects, I found myself contemplating other passions that I had temporarily set aside. Simultaneously, my attention shifted towards the pursuit of boosting my YouTube channel—yearning for more views and subscribers. Regrettably, it began to overshadow my primary objective of simply enjoying my camera and sharing those moments with others.

Social media became a bit of a headache for me. Twitter and other platforms seemed filled with toxic individuals ready to argue about anything. Even though I didn't engage with them, seeing hate and lies bothered me, and I ended up spending too much time on it.

Instagram, with its endless scroll of pointless videos, was too addictive. I decided to take a step back by removing it from my phone and only using it on the computer. I also deleted Twitter but later rejoined, hoping for a fresh start. However, it seemed quieter after a few months, and many film and photography communities had shifted to a platform called BlueSky. Fortunately, I got an invite and joined there, finding it to be a much nicer and engaging experience.

Other hobbies had taken a backseat, especially cycling. I decided to reclaim my free time, primarily on Saturday mornings, by rediscovering the joy of long rides across the South Downs and through the picturesque local countryside. As the weather gets better, my goal is to seamlessly merge cycling and photography, finding a kit that harmoniously fits together and is comfortable to carry on my bike journeys.

Creativity holds immense significance in my life, a fact that occasionally slips my notice. My day-to-day job lacks the creative element, but whenever creative opportunities present themselves, I find an undeniable excitement bubbling within me. These moments serve as a reminder of how crucial creativity is to my mental well-being. With this being said, I recognized the necessity to find a way back out with my camera.

Venturing out with my pinhole cameras today (18/11/2023), despite the windy and rainy conditions, proved to be a delightful experience. Engaging in photography purely for my own joy was rejuvenating. I took the opportunity to film my journey, with the intention of creating a YouTube video in the near future. The prospect of developing the film adds an extra layer of excitement, something I haven't done in quite some time. However, I need to address the issue of my film developing chemicals, which have been sitting half-used for over a year. Recognizing their six-month shelf life after opening, I plan to gather the finances to invest in fresh chemicals soon.

Screenshot from my GoPro, It was wet

As I wrap up this reflection, I'm reminded that the creative path is one of rediscovery and continual renewal. Getting back behind the camera, feeling the wind and rain on my face, and capturing moments solely for the joy of photography has been a reawakening. Reconnecting with my love for cycling, balancing it with the pursuit of visual storytelling, marks a promising chapter ahead.

As I eagerly anticipate developing the film and embarking on new creative endeavors, I'm grateful for the lessons learned during this hiatus. The importance of prioritizing self-expression and embracing the creative process has become crystal clear. So here's to more journeys, both on two wheels and behind the camera, as I navigate the ever-evolving landscape of creativity in my life


  1. Welcome back Will. Engaging and thoughtful post. Dave (in Elland)

    1. Hello Will, Andrew here in Ottawa Canada, first it was good to see a video from you this week, but I also decided to check out your blog. Your reflection was great and I can sense your creativity expands to your ability to write in a very pleasant and thoughtful style that I think puts words and picture together in some way for your future.

    2. Thank you Andrew, really appreciate it :)

  2. Great to see you back Will. You well versed in many aspects things including writing.


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