Today I have mostly been building a "playroom"

We as a family live in a small home, and as our three children require more space, I've made the decision to rearrange a portion of our loft for their use. Previously, I primarily used the loft for storing a load of junk and loading my film dark slides, film developing tanks, and developing paper negatives. 
The loft was easy to make light-tight, particularly at night. However, this changed when I installed spotlights in some of the bedrooms and the bathroom. This required drilling into the ceilings and into the loft, rendering it no longer light-tight at any point in the day or night. Consequently, I've been planning to insulate and seal off a specific area to restore its lightproof quality. Interestingly, the idea of creating a playroom emerged, an area more specifically where they can build all their Lego without having to clear it away every time time, this was the perfect excuse to spend a load of time building something to benefit the "children" and also conveniently a room that can be completely sealed off from any external light – a highly convenient dual-purpose space.

Its still a few weeks away from being completed, but the plan will be, I will again have an area where I can conveniently load my film holders and developing tanks, Ive never been a big fan of the film changing bags. hopefully by the evenings when the children are heading to bed, it will also act as an "office space" where I can keep out the way, scan film and hopefully start editing some videos again.



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