Pinhole photography at the Seven Sisters, Sussex

I have been battling with my Holga WPC recently, so decided to get out with my reliable Zero Image 4x5 pinhole camera.
Loaded my film holders with 6 sheets of Fomapan 100 film, I headed over to my favourite place in Sussex, the view of The Seven Sisters.
This is one of them places I could sit for hours and often photograph, normally I would take a lens camera here, mostly because I have struggled for pinhole shots in the past, but I have not been here with a pinhole camera for sometime, and I feel I have improved since then. So this was a little challenge for me, to get some shots of my favourite view in Sussex with my Zero Image 4x5 pinhole camera.

Below are all the photos from my little trip, overall I am really pleased with all of them, a couple i'm not sure on, but I hope you enjoy them.
Make sure you also check out the video at the bottom



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