On the South downs comparing focal lengths with my Zero Image 4x5 pinhole camera.

Last weekend I headed to the South Downs for a short walk with my Zero Image 4x5 pinhole camera.
I wanted to try a few shots but using different focal lengths to compare the difference. 
The Zero Image 4x5 comes with or you can buy separately Extension frames, each frame is 25mm, The Zero 45 as standard is 25mm, which is super wide (FOV - 148.35°), adding an extension frame will change the focal length or Angle of view 
  • 25mm 148.35°
  • 50mm 120.99° 
  • 75mm 99.35°

I did try this the other weekend in this video but I accidentally left the elastic which hold the camera and extension frames together got wedge between the layer join and I had a massive light leak.

One of the "issues" you get shooting wide with a pinhole, is you get a vignette (dark edges) around the image, I myself don't mind this, but a lot of people aren't fans of vignette look. Some shots certainly do work with the extreme wide angle and a lot don't, I myself am more looking for a wide angle shots when i'm out as I use this focal length most often, but I have been pushing myself to add the extension.

The extension do add more exposure time to each shot, I think it works out to around one stop each.
I meter mine with an f stop as recommended by ZeroImage
  • 25mm - f138
  • 50mm - f176
  • 75mm - f216.5
I do normally round mine up or down to the nearest 10 - f138 > f140 etc

All photos shot on Fomapan 100 film and developed in Ilford ilfosol 3

Location One.

First shot I had to shoot at 25mm as I felt it was going to suit it better.
The second shot, I walked back a bit and added and extension so I had it at 50mm.

The distance I walk back seemed about perfect as the tree is around the same size in both, but the images are very different, there is still a slight vignette on the 50 mm but not as much as the 25mm.

For me, I feel the 25mm was the best on this shot.

Photo 1 - Zero Image 4x5 - 25mm - f138 - 5 seconds
Photo 2 - Zero Image 4x5 - 50mm - f176 - 15 seconds

Location Two

The Red roofed barn
A little bit further along is this barn, I decided against shooting with just the 25mm as I didn't feel it would work, so went with the 50mm for the first, then changed position for a shot with the 75mm.
Now I don't think changing position was the best to compare images for this shot, but really like the first @ 50mm.

Photo 3 - Zero Image 4x5 - 50mm - f176 - 10 seconds
Photo 4 - Zero Image 4x5 - 75mm - f216.5 -20 seconds

Location 3

The Famous windswept tree on Went Hill.
For this two shot I stayed in the same position and shot the first with the 75mm and second 25mm, this shows the extreme between having no extension and adding just 2.
Both of these I amazing really happy with. In the first you can see the Belle Tout lighthouse on the edge of Beachy head to the left, also the rain coming in on the right. The second image, (i'm sure the vignette haters will hate), but when shooting this I really thought it wouldn't look right and I was convinced I would prefer the 75mm shot, however, I do think the 25mm does have more "feeling" to it, the dark clouds are really brought out in the vignette and the wide angle does give a feeling of isolation that the tree has grown in.

Photo 5 - Zero Image 4x5 - 75mm - f216.5 - 10 seconds
Photo 6 - Zero Image 4x5 - 25mm - f138 -  2 seconds

What do you think, and what's your favourite shot?


Kit used on this shoot

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