Pinhole Photography in Hastings Old Town.

Good Friday I started the day over in the Hastings Old town, Sussex. Hastings Old Town is an area in Hastings and is home to the biggest beach-launched fishing fleet in Britain.
I had wanted to head over here for a while but with lockdown in place and a few other things I had never made it over with my camera. As things had begun to ease I decided to make the most of the opportunity.
Its a wonderful area to photograph with loads going on, the weather was spot on for pinhole photography, I like it cloudy, and it started to clear just as I was leaving, so pleased I went when I did.

Had my Zero Image 4x5 pinhole camera and 6 sheets of Fomapan 100 film.

Shot One
30 second exposure
I always find my first shots are never the best, think its just getting into the motion of things, setting up the camera being comfortable where I am etc.

Shot Two
Beached RX58
30 second exposure
Pleased with this, wasn't expecting to be so pleased with it.

Shot Three
Our Lady
10 second exposure.
My favourite, and possibly my personal favourite ever pinhole shot..

Shot four
The boat puller
10 second exposure
The wide angle suited this one

Shot Five
Fishing flags, I think thats what they are??
10 second exposure

Shot six
Anchored Sailing boat 
Exposure 30 seconds.
I feel I could of done better with this one

Thoughts on this shoot.
Really pleased with the photos from this shoot, I do feel I could off improved on some but really happy with most. Its a great location and I will be heading back over sometime soon for some more.

Video for this shoot

Kit used on this shoot

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