#fp4party results


April 2021 was FP4party, Celebrating ILFORD FP4+ film.
Shoot week is Monday 5th - 11th.
Dev week is Monday 12th - 18th
Post week Monday 19th - 25th 

I managed to head out on the 10th with my ONDU 6x12 pinhole camera, it was raining most of the time but managed to finish a roll of film off.

I started in some local woods, 
This first shot includes the dog (sitting right of the tree) who managed to sit in the same spot for 6 minutes of the 7 minute exposure. Not massively pleased with how it came out, I'm so use to how wide the Zero45 is I use most the time I struggle to get started with the ONDU.

Second exposure, still in the woods, found this tall tree to put the ONDU right next to looking up.
3 minute exposure.

After the woods I headed down the road to a local church, by now the rain was coming down a lot heavier.
The first shot include a grave simple engraved  "Washed Ashore".
35 second exposure

Second shot at the church i'm really pleased with.
35 second exposure

For the last 2 shots I headed down to the beach, if in doubt head to the beach.
Both shots were around 15 seconds.
By this point it was freezing wind and ice cold rain, the dog was sulking so I quickly grad these 2 shots.
First I wish I had spent more time on, I feel the composition could off been improved a lot. 

Second I tried a few different angle before I settle to just putting the camera on the floor a moving the rope in front of it, but happy with how it came out.

Make sure you Check out the video

Thoughts on this shoot
I really need to use the ONDU more and figure out shots which really benefit this camera, I am pleased with most the photos, if the weather was not so horrid and if the dog wasn't sulking because he hates the wet and cold I may have been able to off improved most of these, but still was nice to be out with the ONDU again. Am very tempted to pick up a ONDU 6x6/6x9 mk3.

Kit used on this shoot

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