Lake wood Uckfield

Saturday morning I headed to a spot Ive not been to for a while and have only been the once before, so was a bit of a gamble as to what I was going to get.

I loaded up my Mamiya RB67 with some Ilford FP4+ 125 film and my 4x5 Zero Image pinhole camera with some Fomapan 100

The location was Lake Wood in Uckfield Sussex.
The area was much wetter than expected and there were a few spots I couldn't get to due to the water level but it turned out to be a beautiful morning.

Ive not used my Mamiya RB67 much recently, so was nice being back out with that camera.
Took a few shots to get back into the motions with it, but was pleased with a few of the results.

The photos in no particular order from the morning.

Morning mist still on the water - 50mm

These 2 images (above and below) I am really pleased with.
Above was shot with my 90mm and below 180mm

Steps to the cave - 50mm 

These 2 images (above and below) no real pleased with.
I was hoping for better light with the tunnel, but the sun had already passed over.
Below, slightly off focus

Modern day rock carvings, or vandalism?
Above with my Mamiya RB67
Below - Zero Image 4x5

Pinhole trees.
Never really shot trees with my pinhole camera, but pleased with both these.
Above - 1 minute exposure
Below - 3 minutes 30 seconds

Watch the video

Something I have been using recently with my pinhole camera is this Folding Z Flex Tilt Head
The Zero Image 4x5 @ 25mm is so wide I was regularly getting the bottom of the tripod feet in the photos. The Z head allows me to push the camera away slightly from the tripod along with the flexibility of being able to quickly tilt it into position, this has also been really handy for very low ground level shots.
I have also recently brought a Tripod levelling base to help level the Z head into position.

Thoughts on this shoot
Nice to be back in the woods and especially nice to be out with the RB67 again, I love this camera in woodlands, it is a heavy camera, but worth the effort. I have always strayed away from using my pinhole cameras in the woods, early days I did a few woodland pinhole photos and never really liked the looked, but I was pleased with what I managed to get this time, I will definitely being heading out for a woodland pinhole shoot soon. 

Kit used on this shoot

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