Photo 7 of my 52 week photo challenge 2021.

Photo 7 of my 52 week photo challenge 2021. 
The Long Man of Wilmington.

Had a walk with the family from Alfriston around to the The Long Man of Wilmington (the figure holding to big sticks on the hill) last weekend.
With the Long Man still covered in a light dusting off snow from the previous week and a nice low afternoon sun stretching out the shadow from the gate onto the path caught my eye.

This was shot in SuperPhoto mode, SuperPhoto automatically analyses the scene and intelligently applies the best image processing for the shot, which seemed to work well, especially as I was shooting straight into the sun.

Depending on the lighting and other conditions, SuperPhoto will choose one of four options:
High Dynamic Range (HDR)
Local Tone Mapping
Multi-Frame Noise Reduction
No Processing

The Long Man of Wilmington.
(Also dog the other side waiting for me to hurry up.)



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