A Beach Day with my Zero Image 4x5.

Over the weekend I finally managed to get out for the first time properly with my Zero Image 4x5 pinhole, I had attempted to get out the week before, but the weather and time of day weren't ideal for what I wanted, I did manage one picture, which is at the bottom of this.

So I headed to the local beach to dodge some rouge waves an incoming tide and strong winds loaded some sheets of Fomapan 100 4x5 film

First shot.
This is part of the harbour wall that has fallen into the sea.
7 second exposure

Second Shot.
Looking down onto the jetty, with some big waves crashing in.
10 second exposure

Third shot
A wet feet moment, but its worth it.
7 second exposure 

Fourth Shot
On the rocks battered by sea spray.
10 second exposure

Fifth shot.
About as rebellious as I get.
20 second exposure

Sixth Shot
From the previous week on a really windy day.
6 second exposure

All images were developed in Ilford ILFOSOL 3 

Also on this shoot I was trying out my new Folding Z Flex Tilt Head which works really well with the pinhole camera, being able to make quick adjustments with height and tilt, also the Zero Image 45 can be really wide and sometimes it shows the tripod legs in some images, the Z flex head can hold the camera out a bit further to help avoid this, 

Folding Z Flex Tilt Head Available on Amazon

Video on YouTube

Kit used on this shoot

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