5 shots with my GoPro and a 10 stop ND filter in a storm.

Over the weekend we were battered with some strong very cold easterly winds, which caused some nice big waves to come crashing in onto the beach. I headed out in the afternoon with my youngest for a walk and took my GoPro HERO 8 Black fitted with my B+W 10 stop filter to test some long exposures of the waves hitting the beach.

I fitted the B+W 77mm 10 stop filter to my GoPro using a 52mm Filter Adapter Ring then added a 52mm-77mm step up ring.

Setting the GoPro to its lowest ISO of 100, this slowed the shutter speed down to 5 seconds which you can set and adjust using "Night Mode".

This is my favourite shot from the short time we were on the beach, as much as I wouldn't normally use my GoPro for most photos I am impressed with what you can get out of such a small camera.

All the photos are 5 second exposures, shot in RAW and edited in Lightroom.

This is Art......or grabbing my camera and running from an incoming rouge wave.

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