My favourite (mostly film photography) apps - android.

Smartphones are almost an essential part of most people's photography in one way or another nowadays. Over the years there have been a few apps which I find myself using over and over again for my film photography.

Below, I've listed 6 of my favourite apps which I keep on my phone all the time for my photography trips. 
I hope you find them useful for your photography as well.

SunCalc org

Knowing where the sun will be, rise or set, before I go out is always useful. 

This app shows you sunrise and sunset times, detects path of the sun, sunrise, sun peak, sunset for any day of the year at your current location. Displays azimuth, altitude, shadow length for each location and each time

This app does also have a website, which is sometimes easier to use on a bigger computer screen

Available on Google play


Currently my most used app is LightMeter, I use this with all my film cameras and is very easy to use.
This may change accuracy from device to device, I have used the on around 3 phones and all have needed a little tweaking, thankfully it has an option to do this. I just match it with exposure reading from my digital camera and its good to go.
This also features an  ISO range from 3 to 6400
Low light alert
Vibration on measure/hold
Spot measure if camera has zoom
There is a free version of this, which is the same, however paying does help support the developer for a brilliant app.

Available on Google Play

Exposure calculator

If out using my pinhole camera this is the next app I turn too.

By putting in the setting from the light meter app, I can adjust the aperture range from f1.0 to f360 to match the small aperture on my pinhole cameras. This then gives me the correct exposure needed before working to the reciprocity failure, thankfully there is an app for that.

This app is also handy for long exposure photography when using filters, put in the exposure settings from the camera before adding a filter, add in the number stops from the ND filter of up to 30 stops each (it is also possible to add up to 3 stacked ND filters) to get the correct calculations needed for the shot.

Also has a timer for shots over 4seconds long.

Other features
 • shutter range from 480s to 1/16,000s
 • ISO range from ISO 0.4 to ISO 3.2M
 • ND filter up to 30 stops, in 1, 1/2 or 1/3 stop increments
 • ND filter modes: stop, density, ND number
 • night mode with 4 overlay colors
 • unlimited number of presets
 • privacy - the app does not collect any data and does not have Internet access

Available on Google Play

Exposure assistant

For the longer exposures need sometimes with film photography, especially pinhole, it is important to know the reciprocity failure of the film, each film is different, and can be worked out with simple maths, or you can use this wonderful app which approximates the length of exposure for various B&W films (and some colour films). 

Very easy to use, choose your film, add your exposure, the rest is sorted and a handy timer is also on the app to keep track of your exposure times.

Available on Google Play

Dev it - darkroom timer

When developing film this is the best app to turn to.

It has a huge database with the most common films/developers combinations. 

You can create, modify and delete your personal combinations.

It has a handy timer for the Dev, Stop and Fix, you can adjust that to suit your personal needs with adjustment for different temperatures.

Also has a really handy Dilution calculator for mixing your chemicals

Also online at

and Available on Google Play

When out with my camera safety it always a top priority, its easy to loose track of time and get yourself in to difficulty when focusing on the photography.

This is why I also have these 2 final apps on my phone.


When out on the beach, knowing the tide time is so important.

I have almost been caught out a few times when the tide has changed direction, and having to wade back through knee deep water with all your camera gear on and an incoming tide and not knowing where you are treading is no fun at all.

I always check tide before I decide where I am going.

This app features over 9,000 tidal stations in over 30 countries (including the US, Canada, Brazil, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Australia and New Zealand)!

Find the nearest locations to you when the app opens, so you can get tide times no matter where you are! 

Also view the moon phase, moonrise and moonset times!

Available on Google Play


The app I always have but hope I never need to use.

what3words is an easy way to identify precise locations. Every 3m square has been given a unique combination of three words: a what3words address. Now you can find, share and navigate to precise locations using three simple words.

This is such a simple and great idea, every 3 meter square has been given unique combination of three words: a what3words address. eg searching (bachelor.marker.cries) will give you the top of Beachy head lighthouse. If you get lost or injured, you can locate yourself on the map and share the what3words address with the emergency services, recovery services or love ones, so they know your exact location, helping people get to you quicker.

what3words addresses are accepted by over 80% of UK emergency services as well as the AA, and many UK delivery companies. Businesses and hotels display what3words on their contact pages, and booking confirmations – anywhere you would normally find location information.

Available on Google Play


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