Photographing the Sussex countryside on my paddle board.

Monday evening out on the river in Alfriston with my camera on a paddle board during sunset....perfect.

Monday evening I headed over to Alfriston to get onto The River Cuckmere, don't normally head to the river but, due to a low tide and strong wetly wind it seemed a bit more sheltered to be in the countryside, and it did not disappoint.

I packed my Fuji X-T1 in to my Red Paddle Co dry bag along with my Formatt-Hitech Firecrest 85mm Holder Kit which included a polariser and 0.6 ND soft grad.

I parked up on Lullington Road next to the bridge and headed into The river Cuckmere.

I started by heading North up the river under the bridge for a quick photo before heading back down the river.

Looking down the river toward Alfriston Church.
The White Bridge, Long Bridge or Plonk Bridge (seems to be called all sorts), goes over the River Cuckmere, that links the villages of Alfriston and Litlington. Built in the 1930's.
Looking North.
Looking south
My favourite photo, heading back up the river
Heading back up to the bridge on Lullington Road.
Same tree in first photo, but closer, heading under the bridge and following the river North
Not sure on the name of these, but the colours were looking lovely with the colours from the sunset.
Unfortunately slightly out of focus due to low light and constantly moving paddle board.
Background I started and enjoying the view.

An absolutely wonderful paddle and really pleased with some of the photos.

Its been nice getting out with the camera on the paddle board, I have always been very set on getting out with a tripod for all my photos, so being out on my paddle board has been a very different experience and a nice change.

Make sure you check out the video and I hope you have enjoyed the photos.

Kit used on this shoot.

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