#FP4party results, and first time shooting Ilford FP4+

March 2020 was the FP4 party, what is that you may ask??, it is my sort of party, shoot Ilford FP4+ film for one week, developed it the second week and share it the third, without actually having to physically interact with anyone, social distancing as recommenced by everyone at the moment.

I had never shot Ilford FP4+ before, had settled with Ilford's Pan F 50+ for the last few years and have always been very pleased with this film, but had heard good things about FP4, and when I heard about the FP4 party on Twitter, I decided it was a good time to give it ago.

The FP4 party started in September 2016 by Emulsive and on Twitter FP4+ Party, celebrating ILFORD FP4 and other FP films in every format.

I loaded one roll into my Mamiya RB67 and another into my ONDU 6x12 pinhole camera.
I developed the film in Ilford ID-11

I used my ONDU most days during the week.

Photo 1.
Inside the oven at work painting a car bumper.

Photo 2.
On the way home, on the bypass railings.

Photo 3.
Rainy days

Photo 4.
30 minute exposure

Photo 5.
Pinhole Selfie

Photo 6.
Quarter pipe
A slightly different angle with my ONDU 6x12

With my Mamiya RB67 I headed to some local woods, was not the best experience, insanely wet and muddy.
The two shots which I kept were not so sharp, I've have had a few issues recently with a few shots being slightly off focus, but has not been a consistent problem, mostly when shooting outside and struggling to focus on a small area, have put it down to my eye site which I had tested recently and is not as great as I thought, so need to wear glasses now for concentrating, may need to start wearing the when out with my camera too.

Really pleased with the results from Ilford FP4, going to be shooting it a lot more, have another roll I am almost through and will be sharing the results when I have finished and developed.


  1. Nice series of pictures! Ilford's FP4 is a great film to use.


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