New Year, New Gear and light leaks sorted.

Happy New Year everyone, hope you all have a great 2019 and have a lot to look forward to for 2020.

Was nice to get back out with my camera again during 2019 after having a short (1 year break) from photography.
To start 2020 I have decided to treat myself to some new gear, not brought myself any photography gear for almost 2 years.

So, got a new bag.
I have been after a bigger bag for a while but been torn between a backpack or shoulder bag. Decided on a shoulder bag, even though its not the best for wearing on longer treks, persoanlly shoulder bags are so much nicer when you at a location, easier access to your gear as it’s by your side.
Had been looking at the Tamrac Stratus 21 but found a cheaper version (love a bargain) which had a load of good reviews, The Mantona New York photography bag.

Really pleased with it so far, actually really comfy, holds my Fuji X-T1 and 3 fuji lenses, my Mamiya RB67 and 3 mamiya lenses, film back, pinhole camera and everything else I would ever need.

Also treated myself to a new Filter holder, The Firecrest 85mm Holder Kit.
Has an Integrated polarising filter which can be operated from an independent side wheel, which makes life easier, often don't use a polarising filter when using grad filters, perfect for my Fuji, and my RB67

Then another new filter, a Firecrest 2mm ND 16 stop 85x85.
This is a great filter for long exposure during the day, easily able to make 5-8 minute exposure during the day, not had much chance to use it yet.

Also to start the year I have finally found the source to a light leak problem I have been having with my RB67.
It has been slowly getting worse over the last few times using it and always thought it was due to one of my film backs. Only appeared on a few photos here and there, like this one.

The last time I used my RB67 in 2019 at a local park, all the photos had a leak on them and I was using a film back I knew had no leaks and they were worse than ever, the photo below was the only recognisable photo. After a lot of searching over the camera using a torch to see any leaks, it all came down to 2 slightly loose little screws which help attach the film back to the camera.

Headed out Jan 4th 2020 to run a test roll of film (Ilford Pan F plus 50) through my RB67.

RB viewfinder.

Final wash developing the film.

The negatives.

Beachy Head - Available here.

Hot Wheels Kool Kombi

No light leaks means lots more film shooting for 2020.



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