6th October 2019 morning on Beachy Head

Beachy head, I have lost count of the amount of times I have been up here for photos, but I never get bored of this view, it is a stunning place to be and offers amazing views, particularly the view over the lighthouse. Just don't get too close to the edge.

First thing Sunday morning I headed up here for a walk along the top with my dog, had my Fuji X-T1 camera and Fujifilm 10-24mm lens with a couple of ND filters for some long exposure photos.

Using a B+W 10 stop filter and HOYA Pro ND8 filter paired together to help create some extra long exposures. 
ND (natural density) filters reduce the amount of light reaching the camera sensor, therefore allowing the camera shutter to open for much longer. For a bright mornings like today the 10 stop filter by itself would allow around a 10 second exposure, with the ND8 (3stops) added as well (total 13 stop reduction) this reduced the exposure times to around 1 minute 10 seconds. This length of time completely smooths out the choppy sea and creates a nice blur of the clouds moving across the sky. 

First Photo: Focal 13.8mm - ISO 200 - f20 - 70 seconds

Second Photo: Focal 24mm - ISO 200 - f20 - 70 seconds

Third Photo: Focal 10.5mm - ISO 200 - f20 - 70 seconds

After these pictures I headed over to the point above the lighthouse.
Looking back from this point offers this stunning view.

Focal 11.5mm - ISO 200 - f20 - 26 seconds

Photographed just after the shot above, but just a slightly longer exposure and a B&W convert

Focal 11.5mm - ISO 200 - f20 - 45 seconds

A short walk down from the view above the lighthouse is this windswept tree which I have photographed before from a different angle using my Mamiya RB67 and iIford Pan F 50 film View It Here.

From this side of the tree I had to get my tripod as low as possible to get the tree to sit above the horizon, With a long exposure it captures all the movement of the tree from the wind blowing the leaves and branches about blurring the movement.

The set up.
Fuji X T-1 - Fujifilm 10-24mm lens - B+W 10 stop + HOYA Pro ND8 filter - Manfrotto 190 XPROB - Manfrotto 410 Junior Geared Head - The dog

Focal 11.5mm - ISO 200 - f20 - 58 seconds

As always a beautiful morning to be out with the camera and dog.
Some of the photos are available through my site to be downloaded or brought as prints https://www.willgudgeonphotography.co.uk


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