Long exposure photography on my paddle board

Headed out onto the river with my paddle hoard and FUJI X-T1 to attempt some long exposures on the paddle board. I have done this before with pinhole cameras, my ZeroImage 4x5 camera and dog and with my ONDU out on the sea, both creating some lovely photos. It's a lot safer with pinhole cameras as they have no electronics and if they fell in they would probably float as they are made out of wood. Doing this with my Fuji I decided to stick to the river as the chance of falling in and losing my camera was much lower.

Equipment used
Board: Red Paddle Co 11' Sport
Camera: Fuji X-T1
Lens: Samyang 12mm
Filter: B+W 10 stop
Tripod: Koolehaoda Q-666C Carbon Fiber tripod

I also managed to film all this so you can check out the video here
and final results are below


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