Family camping trip to Dorset

Headed down to Norden Farm campsite in Dorset on Monday August 19th for 4 nights with the family for a short break which was mostly spent entering these 3

The campsite is just a 20 minute walk from Corfe Castle, had a walk down there on the first day with the kids and then onto Lake beach Poole for the evening.

Wednesday we spent it at South Beach (Studland) which is a beautiful sandy beach with lovely views over Old Harry Rocks, and had a amazing paddle board out and around the rocks.

Thursday (also my birthday), got up early(ish) and had a walk down to Corfe Castle to get some photos during the morning light, had meant to get up for sunset, but an hour after seemed ok. 
Had not been out with my camera for almost a year so this was a nice opportunity to try and get the enthusiasm again.  

Rest of the day spent exploring Kimmeridge Bay and Lulworth Cove

Loaded up and headed home.