Best electric SUP pumps

Owning an inflatable paddle board makes things a lot easier when it come to transporting and storing it.
However the major downside is you have to inflate and deflate it before and after you use it.
This can be a good pre SUP warm up and most iSUPs come with decent pumps these days,  but you really can't beat the ease of a decent electric pump.

Why an electric pump.
Because secretly you're a little lazy, and it gives you a bit of free time to do other things, like watch it and think...I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore.
What to consider before making your purchase

1: PSI Range
Most iSUPs need around 15-20 psi see what your board recommends
2: Power Source
Ideally if your using your car to transport your iSUP, make sure the pump has a 12V cigarette lighter
3: Speed
You want to make sure it will actually pump your iSUP in a reasonably time.

Our TOP 3 electric SUP pumps

1: SEAMAX Intelligent 20PSI Digital Dual Stage

SEAMAX Intelligent 20PSI Digital Dual Stage 12V Electric Air Pump, Designed for Inflatable Boat, SUP, and Paddle Board, Fast to Reach High Pressure

SEAMAX Intelligent 20PSI Digital Dual Stage Specifications

12V cigarette lighter Power Source
PSI Range 0.5 -20 PSI
Sand Filter
DC Power Cord Length 9ft (2.75m)
Air Hose Length 4ft
Dual action Pumping Speed, Stage one 350l/min, stage two 70 l/min,
Automatic Shut off
Inflate and deflates
Weighs 3.6 lbs

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Any on eBay?

2: Bravo 20 scoprega
Bravo 20 SUP Electric Pump

Bravo 20 SUP Electric Pump Specifications

Power Source 12V cigarette lighter & alligator clips for connection to 12V batteries.
Protection filtering system
Automatic shut-off
Thermal shut off
12 V DC Built-in Rechargeable Battery
Weight 3.5 kg

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Sevylor 12V Air Pump Specifications

12V cigarette lighter Power Source
Inflates up to 15 Psi
One of the cheapest pumps available
Adapters to make it compatible with as many valves as possible.
Weight 1.5 Kg

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Extra: Schrader Valve adaptor

Ok not an electric SUP pump, but the Schrader valve adaptor (car tyre valve) is a great option if you already own a compressor with a high-pressure airline and tyre inflator, or you stop by a petrol stations and use there's then strap the board to the roof.
Just be very carful as they can over inflate your board if there isn't a decent gauge fitted to the air hose.

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Check out more on eBay and Amazon

As an added bonus, if you also have an airbeam inflatable tent, the valve is normally the same as what most iSUPs use, so you can use your electric pump to inflate your tent too 👍
Most pumps also come with different valve connections, so you should have a valve for your airbed too.


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