Camping at Hollands Wood Campsite New Forest

Thursday morning we packed up and headed to Hollands wood New Forest for 3 nights.
This was our first time at this site, and after hearing many recommendations we decided to head over for ourselves.

Our car loaded up with bikes and trailer ready for adventure.

This was a very chilled out trip for us and spent most our time around the site, with a few small trips to Brockenhurst (which is a very short drive away) for some essentials.

After setting up our Berghaus Ari 6XL tent, which has been made so much easier this year using our electric SUP pump, which also fits the tent, we explored the site.

This site has some nice facilities
Toilets and showers, 600 grass only pitches (no electric), Drinking water taps, laundry, washing up and is a massive area for the children to run wild.
Toilets and showers were also kept clean and stocked up.

Fields next to the site

Friday breakfast
Fresh coffee from the stove top and pop tarts cooked on the camping toaster

When the children woke up we were also joined by a group of ponies, who also finished the dogs breakfast.

After breakfast we walked over to Lymington river, very short walk from the site, for the children to have to have a play.

Many more people arrived at the site Friday afternoon, and the children soon made plenty of friends to play with.

Nice and chilled out in the evening
New tent features are our Solar Globe Fairy Lights

The site has a 10:30pm curfew for noise, and no cars are allowed back on the site after this time, which certainly while we were there seemed to be observed, even on the 2 nights the site was fully booked (600 pitches)  it seemed so quiet.
They do give you a contact number to report any nuisance, which may help.

Saturday was spent mostly at the site, riding bike, shooting bow and arrows, children playing with new friends and climbing trees.
Ice cream van also made a visit

Saturday evening we went out for fish and chips in Brockenhurst and came back to the site for marshmellows over the bbq, standard for any camping trip :)

Then one last walk around the fields as the sun set, before heading home in the morning.


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