Photo #FridayFavorites #6

Photo #FridayFavorites #6


Camera: ONDU Pinhole Camera 
Film: Ilford PanF 50
Exposure: 3 hours

This was a 3 hour exposure of my wife in labour with our 3rd child, Seth, Born July 27th 2016

Unfortunately she did not give birth in this time, and I even went on to create another 7 hour exposure, which she also did not give birth in.....poor wife 😳

Wife in labour - 7 hour exposure

Ended up being taken out of the room and going to theatre for a C-section...poor wife 😳
Unfortunately couldn't take my pinhole camera in there, as I was hoping to capture the birth during these long exposures. Not that I was complaining, as my wife needs were massively more important than me trying to set up a pinhole camera.

But we had a healthy little boy who is almost 2, and these photos will always hold very fond memories of a time filled with many emotions, anticipation, pain, joy, relief and excitement.....and I'm sure my wife could list many many more.


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