DIY 2 Axis Slider in Action

Finally got out to test my DIY Slider I made a couple of months back using 2 TurnsPro motors.
I headed to a favourite local spot, The Seven Sisters, East Sussex UK during sunset.
After a few failed starts due to my own mistakes, I got the slider set up to run the whole 1 meter length in 1 hour, and for the camera to turn around 120º.

The first motor that moves the camera along was set to do 1 full turn every 8 minutes which completes the whole length in 1 hour, and set the motor to rotate the camera to do 1 full turn in 3 hours, which over 1 hour will move it around 120º.

You can set the Turnspro's to do a set amount of turns, distance etc, but i prefer to have it on infinity and workout the times, this allows the motors to keep turning and not stopping short if I get it wrong.

Camera Settings

Fuji XT1 / 12 mm / f4.5 / 1/10 sec
ND64 filter

Equipment used
with links to products
Camera: Fuji XT1
Lens: Samyang 12 mm F2.0
Filter: 77mm HOYA ND64 with step up ring
Remote: SHOOT RR-90 LCD Timer Remote Shutter
Battery: Ex-Pro Rechargeable Battery Power System with Ex-Pro® 16000mAh Rechargeable Battery
Slider: Neewer 100 centimeters Carbon Fiber Slider
Motors: TurnsPro

TurnPro do currently have a Kickstarter campaign so you can motorise a slider with a Turnspro.

One of the images from the final time-lapse 

Check out the final video, with behind camera view


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