Photo #FridayFavorites #1

Friday Favourites, where I tell you a little something about a favourite photo of mine.

Today and my 1st Friday favourite is this photo Taken in Hamden Park, East Sussex.

Date October 1st 2011
Camera: Canon EOS 7D
Lens: Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM
20mm - F/14 - 1/8s - ISO 100

This particular photo was probably my 1st popular photo. The one that got the most comments, likes and shares on my Facebook Page, it was also my 1st time out with my brand new Canon EOS 7D. My 7D was the first new camera I had brought, it replaced my old Canon EOS 450D which I had brought refurbished of eBay a couple of years previous. 

This particular morning was one of them perfect mornings, which you always seem to get when you don't have your camera with you, thankfully for me, this time I did.

I was very limited for time this particular early autumn morning, as I had an appointment I had to get to. I headed to the park way before sunrise with my new camera.
I started off trying to get some moody spooky type shots in the wooded area off the park with all the morning mist floating around, and shots of the mist sitting on the pond, none of which I was ever happy with and soon deleted.
As the sun started to rise I had started to notice the beams of light breaking through the trees in certain areas of the park, the mist was dispersing fast and I tried a few different shots but nothing that really stood out, time started to get on and I had to very reluctantly pack my gear away and head off.
On my way driving out of the park I happened the glance back and saw this scene unfolding, deciding it was worth being late for my appointment for, I quickly pulled up grabbed my Canon 7D with Sigma 10-20 attached and my tripod, ran over to the area, quickly started moving around the place looking through the viewfinder to find a good composition,  I very quickly settled with this, I set up my tripod and started shooting away. I didn't manage many photos before the mist started to thin and the rays started to disappear, but to say I was pleased with the photos I got would of been an understatement, and I instantly justified the large credit card dept I had recently put myself into for my new camera. (not that it made much difference, but i needed to justify it somehow😉)

I have been back here many times, and tried other version of this scene, different season etc, but personally for me, nothing has come close to this particular morning.

Black and White version
Other photos from the same morning


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