Paddle Boarding with my Zero Image 4x5 Pinhole camera

So after doing this last year with my ONDU Pinhole camera, I wanted to try it again, this time with my Zero Image 4x5 pinhole camera.

I headed to a local river as it was a bit windy and seemed to risky to be out on the sea with all my gear on a windy evening, also on a plus side, the hills either side of the river broke up the horizon nicely.
I had my Zero Image Pinhole camera, 3 film holders with 6 sheets of Ilford Delta 100 4x5.
My dog (Bugzy) also came along for the ride.

When I first got onto the river, I took a light meter reading using a Lightmeter App and with my Zero Image exposure calculator I worked out my exposures to be 4 seconds, taking into account the reciprocity failure of Ilford Delta 100 I had a total exposure time of  around 9 seconds.

When the Tripod was setup, I attached it to the centre handle of my RedPaddle Co 11 Sport with a small bungee cord to keep it stable, and attached my Zero Image Pinhole Camera to the top with a cable release.

Bugzy happily sat up front for the 1st exposure before he headed to the back of the board.
I managed a total of 4 exposures on the water and finished the final 2 on land.

I headed back home after this and developed the film that evening using Ilford Ilfosol Black and White Film Developer.

Scanned with an Epson V600

Watch the video

Final Photos

This photo is my favourite, with Bugzy sitting up front 

The Failed Few

Unsure of what happed to these 3 images.
I can only presume as these were all shot one after another, that when I changed the film holder around I must of knocked the "Pinhole wheel" inside the camera. The Zero Image 4x5 has a wheel with 3 different sized pinhole and zone plates.
A mistake to learn from.

 Despite the Failed 3 images Im really pleased with the results, will head back out again for more.

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